Thursday, October 22, 2009

See GEF3D in Action at ESE and Around the World

The GEF3D team will present GEF3D at Eclipse Summit Europe and at several DemoCamps around the world in the next weeks. If you visit ESE 2009 and if you stay till the very end, you can attend Kristian's and Jens' talk about "GEF3D: Overview and Applications" (Thursday, 4 pm). If you miss that, don't worry! We will present GEF3D at several DemoCamps in November (and December).

Madhu Samuel will present GEF3D at the DemoCamp in Bangalore, India. Madhu has done a great job writing an GEF3D-JOGL adapter (currently, GEF3D uses LWJGL, but in the future, JOGL will be the standard OpenGL-wrapper library used by GEF3D), which is not yet publicly available (but we will add his code and JOGL to GEF3D soon).

On 23th November, Kristian will present the results of his master thesis at the DemoCamp in Berlin, Germany. His application is really cool: It enables the definition of an GMF mapping model using GEF3D, that is you don't have to fiddle with these tree-based editors anymore, instead you can use a 3D graphical editor and simply drag and drop your figures and domain elements into the mapping model.  If you have ever wondered why to use GEF3D -- his application is the answer!

I will present some GEF3D applications at the DemoCamp in Hamburg, Germany, on 4th of December (this November DemoCamp is in fact a December DemoCamp).

Looking forward to meeting you!

Huh, Hamburg seems to be an attractive place for people from Berlin. I've noticed Stephan Herrmann's presentation about "Adapting EclipseLink for Object Teams" in Hamburg, too. Object Teams (OT) is a very interesting framework for aspect oriented programming (Eclipse project proposal), and sooner or later I will have to try out to 3D-fy editors using OT :-)


Thursday, October 1, 2009

GEF3D in print

In the current issue of the German Eclipse Magazin, you will find an article introducing the basic concepts of GEF3D with a short tutorial demonstrating the "3d-fication" of an GEF editor. This article is in German, an English version is planned. A second part of this article explaining how to create multi-editors and how to 3D-fy GMF-based editors will probably be published in the next issue.