Wednesday, June 24, 2009

GEF3D and Galileo

Eclipse 3.5 is going to go public today, and part of the train is a new release of GEF which introduces a couple of new graphics features. Graphics is GEF's main interface to the graphical subsystem and is used in all 2D drawing operations. Since GEF3D replaces GEF's SWTGraphics implementation with a GL-enabled version that directly renders to the video card memory, we had to extend our Graphics implementation so that it works in Galileo. These enhancements have been committed today (see bug 268643).

Be aware that GEF3D now depends on GEF 3.5 and is not backwards compatible. From now on, you need Eclipse 3.5 to run the latest version of GEF3D.

GEF3D has been tested with both the Cocoa and Cocoa 64 releases on Mac OS X and it works fine in both versions.


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