Friday, January 15, 2010

GEF3D tutorial article in English language available

I'm happy to announce the English version of the GEF3D tutorial article "GEF goes 3D" (source code see here), available online now at The German version has been printed in the Eclipse Magazin 6.09 and is online available, too. This article is the first part explaining the basic concepts of GEF3D and how to "3d-fy" a very simple GEF-based editor. The second part about creating multi-editors is already available in German language (I will translate it as soon as possible), a third part about how to 3D-fy GMF-based editors will probably be published in the next issue of the Eclipse Magazin. A list of all GEF3D related articles and papers can be found at the GEF3D website. Thanks to Hartmut Schlosser for publishing the article online and Madhu Samuel for proof reading the english version.

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  1. Congratulations on the tutorial Jens! It's really in depth and should be helpful for potential adopters.